Plasma Fibroblast Professional Documents Phase 2 Confirmation

Susan Mouton
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After you received confirmation of Plasma Fibroblast from your client!!!

Document & Templates "FREE" to download

We've put together professional email templates and documents for you that you can use to send out to potential clients. All you have to do is replace your details, logo, and name where necessary, we've done all the groundwork for you.

  1. Confirmation e-mail
  2. Clients Confirmation letter
  3. Complete Plasma Fibroblast Aftercare
  4. Aftercare & What to expect (Printable mini handout pamphlets for your clients)

Add personalized content as you wish to your e-mails/documents

"BRAND NEW" The only documents that cover all, for your clients ! ! ! Free for the 1st 50 Clients! thereafter pay what you can!!

NB! Make sure to Just follow these steps:
1. Add a $ "pay what you can" (min $0 ) in the "price field"

  1. Click on "I want this" button
  2. add your card details or (contact me if you would like to pay via Pay Pall) or skip this step if you want this FREE.
  3. Click on the red "Pay button"
  4. Click on the download buttons in PDF or Kindle format
  5. Click on the "stars" button and give me some sparkling stars if you liked it"it will be greatly appreciated"! Thank You Susan
  1. Confirmation e-mail (Sample Template) just replace with your details,

  2. The following Attachments (to go together with the above e-mail to your client)
  • Clients Confirmation letter (Replace with your name, & details)

  • Complete Plasma Fibroblast Aftercare

    You can request the email, clients confirmation letter and aftercare template in word format, by emailing us and Please contact me if you have any queries or suggestions

I welcome your feedback.

Here are my Brand NEW Release for Therapists all on Plasma Fibroblast "TECHNIQUES" Book 2

I would like to personally welcome you, I am so glad to have you with us! We are planning to have chats with all Plasma Therapists just like you. Jump in when you can and reach out to me. If you want to talk a little about your approach to Plasma Fibroblast and get a few little tips and tricks, if you have any questions, concerns, or need help with anything at all please feel free to message me. Warm Regards, ~ Susan

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Plasma Fibroblast Professional Documents Phase 2 Confirmation

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