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Please read each book's description carefully before buying to ensure that it covers the topics you want to learn about.

You have the option to buy only the e-book with the topics you need guidance on or the complete study series with all topics covered in one "e-book which is e-book 6", series 1 to 6 (replace e-book 7)

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e-Book 1 "FREE "Considering Plasma Fibroblast Skin tightening Treatment"? All You Need to Know, Valuable educational handout to your Clients


e-Book 2 Insight into Plasma Fibroblast MainTechniques


e-Book 3 Insight into Plasma Fibroblast "Skin Tissue Abnormalities & Growth Tissue Defects"


e-Book 4 Insight into Plasma Fibroblast "Developmental Skin Issues"


e-Book 6 "The Plasma Fibroblast Complete Study Series", (Seriese 1 - 6)


FREE: Plasma Fibroblast: Contraindications, Fitzpatrick scale, Covid risk, Mole identification


FREE: Phase 1: Plasma Fibroblast Introduction e-mail, Info to your client, Pricelist


FREE: Phase 2 ,Plasma Fibroblast Confirmation, Aftercare


FREE: Phase 3 Plasma Fibroblast Client Consent form, Professional Documents